Enough As We Are by Rachel Simmons

Enough As We Are

Enough As We Are is a transformative course for anyone parenting a girl while still untangling the knots of their own childhood. 

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This series of reflective questions will help give you a sense of the Enough As We Are curriculum and a chance to start reflecting today.
Enough As We Are is an honest and raw look into how your own upbringing and early childhood experiences relate to how you parent and react to your daughter's social interactions. The topics are well defined and Rachel's expertise infuse the course with clear methods for working to recognize and temper trigger reactions we all face when parenting. I really valued Rachel's bravery in sharing her own childhood and parenting experiences throughout the class. I also gained from the authentic recognition that this is hard work which will take time and practice, but in the end will be so rewarding for those we love the most. 
Katie M.